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"A lot has been written and said about why he was so great, but I think the best way to appreciate his greatness is just to go back and play some of the old records."

---Huey Lewis---

Yeah! Preach it, Brother Huey!

You can find plenty of websites that talk about Elvis' importance and impact but it all really goes back to his recorded music, and if you're a fan, that's what you're more interested in anyway!

Elvis recorded around 800 songs over the span of almost 25 years, and there are plenty of websites detailing his discography and a few good ones on his recording sessions, but I wanted to concentrate on the songs themselves!

Click on the alphabetical list* to the left to narrow it down, then the song title, or use the "Search the site" field. The individual song page has all the details on that song:

  • recording date details, 1st release, chart position
  • a little history and/or my spin on the song
  • links to other reviews or info
  • lyrics and downloads
  • karaoke version of the song
  • other artists' versions of the song
If it's a song that you particularly love (or hate!), post your spin on it, too!

*A note about alphabetizing: I use the old library method of leaving out the leading articles "A" and "The", so you'll find "A Big Hunk O' Love" under "B", not "A", and you'll find "The Wonder Of You" under "W", not "T". Sorry, I can't break my old-school habits!

I've started with the songs that were released as singles, and I'm filling in the rest. Bare with me, this ought to take a lifetime or two!



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Elvis song reference books on Amazon!

Ernst Jorgensen's complete chronicle of Elvis' recording sessions, with loads of detailed information about each session and each song.
This is the definitive encyclopedia on Elvis' life details, as well as all the background and trivia you need for all the songs, movies, and TV appearances. Authors are Fred L. Worth and Steve D. Tamerius.
The subtitle of Ace Collins' book says it all: "The stories behind Elvis' #1 hits"!
"Elvis The #1 Hits: The Secret History of the Classics". Another self-explanatory book title. :)