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Elvis SongPedia: I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')

I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')

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Basic Stats

(Just the facts, ma'am!)

Written by: Jimmy Wakely

August 19, 1954?, Sun Studio, Memphis
(Exact date unknown. September 10, 1954 is sometimes given also but the August date is more likely)
Take number of released master is unknown.

Single:w/ "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry Over You", 47-6638, August 31, 1956
Also released on RCA, 78rpm, 20-6638, August 31, 1956
Also re-released as Gold Standard Series, 447-0611, September 30, 1958
Also re-released as Collectables DPE1-1004 4504, December 1986.

Highest U.S. Charts Positions:
Single didn't chart

1st LP release: Elvis Presley - March 23, 1956
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My Spin

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If you have any doubts about Elvis' ability to croon from the very beginning, dig out this one and give it a spin. "I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')" was one of the early recordings at Sun Studios where his vocals are smooth and haunting. The second verse is especially impressive, with drawn out notes that seem to just float. The song shifts into rockabilly for the final section, an odd move but effective. Still, it's the smooth vocals of the first section that really shine.

Other Spins

(What did the critics and fans say?)

With "I'll Never Let You Go", we encounter one of the Sun recordings which resists pigeon-holing. It is very slow, wafted by acoustic guitar shakes and a soft bass line. Presley's voice is haunting: high, and veering on falsetto, until the end, which is faster.

Robert Matthew-Walker, Elvis Presley: A Study in Music, 1979

Medium ballad with tempo change at the middle eight and Elvis dueting with himself. From the early Sun days.

Martin Torgoff, The Complete Elvis, 1982

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"I'll Never Let You Go" Lyrics and Downloads

I'll never let you go, little darlin'
I'm so sorry 'cause I made you cry
I'll never let you go, 'cause I love you
So, please, don't ever say good-bye

The stars would tumble down beside me
The moon would hang its head and cry
My arms would never hold another, baby doll
If we should ever say good-bye

Well, I'll never let you go
'Cause I love you, little baby
I'm so sorry 'cause I made you cry, I made you cry
Yeah, I'll never let you go
'Cause I love you, little baby
So, please, don't ever say good-bye
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