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Elvis SongPedia: My Boy

My Boy

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Basic Stats

(Just the facts, ma'am!)

Written by: J. Claude Francois, Jean-Pierre Boutavre (English words: Bill Martin, Phil Coulter)

Recorded: December 13, 1973, Stax Studios, Memphis
Released master is take 3, lengthened by splicing a repeat of the last section.

Single:w/ "Thinking About You", PB-10191, January 4, 1975.
Also released as Gold Standard series, GB-10489, February 1976.
Also released w/ "Loving Arms", RCA-2458EX, 1974, pressed in the U.S. for overseas distribution due to strikes in the U.K.

Highest U.S. Charts Positions:
#20 on Billboard's Hot 100
#17 on Cash Box Top 100
#1 on Billboard's Easy Listening chart
#14 on Billboard's Country Best-Seller chart

1st LP release: Good Times - March 20, 1974
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My Spin

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"My Boy" was precisely the kind of dramatic ballad that Elvis loved to sink his teeth into, in the mid-70s. He performed this song a few times in concert before recording it in December of 1973. In both the live and studio recorded versions, Elvis injects a lot of feeling in the vocals, giving it the tender, soft treatment throughout the verses and the full blast outcry of the chorus. No doubt this song had meaning for Elvis, lyrically, too, if you switched the gender of the title.

Other Spins

(What did the critics and fans say?)

"My Boy" proved a major hit in Britain; it is a sentimental ballad, similar in message to Tammy Wynette's D.I.V.O.R.C.E. but more dramatic. Presley is well suited to this strong meat and surely his divorce two months before added poignancy to the lyrics.

Robert Matthew-Walker, Elvis Presley: A Study in Music, 1979

A good example of how Elvis personalized a ballad and made it his own - one of the better of the 1970s..

Martin Torgoff, The Complete Elvis, 1982

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"My Boy" Lyrics and Downloads

You're sleeping son, I know
But, really, this can't wait
I wanted to explain
Before it gets too late
For your mother and me
Love has finally died
This is no happy home
But God knows how I've tried

Because you're all I have, my boy
You are my life, my pride, my joy
And if I stay, I stay because of you, my boy

I know it's hard to understand
Why did we ever start?
We're more like strangers now
Each acting out a part
I have laughed, I have cried
I have lost every game
Taken all I can take
But I'll stay here just the same

Because you're all I have, my boy
You are my life, my pride, my joy
And if I stay, I stay because of you, my boy

Sleep on, you haven't heard a word
Perhaps it's just as well
Why spoil your little dreams
Why put you through the hell
Life is no fairytale
As one day you will know
But now you're just a child
I'll stay here and watch you grow

Because you're all I have, my boy
You are my life, my pride, my joy
And if I stay, I stay because of you, my boy
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