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Elvis SongPedia: Thinking About You

Thinking About You

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Basic Stats

(Just the facts, ma'am!)

Written by: Tim Baty

Recorded: December 12, 1973, Stax Studios, Memphis
Released master is take 8, but shortened for release.

Single:w/ "My Boy", PB-10191, January 4, 1975.
Also released as Gold Standard series, GB-10489, February 1976.

Highest U.S. Charts Positions:
Didn't chart

1st LP release: Promised Land - January 1975
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My Spin

(Just my opinion. Give us yours!)

It's hard for me to be objective. I know "Thinking About You" is really just a rather mediocre pop-country tune, but it's nostalgic for me, and tends to take me back to those days when I was just becoming a fan. One of the cool things about buying 45s at the time was that you usually were paying for one song you knew and another one you didn't, and that extra song might be a bonus or a dud. For me it was a bonus this time, Elvis' voice fitting nicely into a pleasant laid-back easy-going tune.

I'll add some more later, but meanwhile check out the music and links.

Other Spins

(What did the critics and fans say?)

"Thinking About You" is equally good, but is more obviously a pop song, a medium-tempo number with a fluent bass line. The arrangement is good, and it is clearly recorded. Presley is in excellent voice but the performance lacks the involvement which is a feature of the best of these sessions.

Robert Matthew-Walker, Elvis Presley: A Study in Music, 1979

Another underrated cut from the mid-1970s, a sweet, medium-tempo ballad, bittersweet lyrics and beautifully worked out backing by Messrs. Tutt, Burton, Norbert Putnam and David Briggs.

Martin Torgoff, The Complete Elvis, 1982

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"Thinking About You" Lyrics and Downloads

Woke up this morning and I tried to call you
But you weren't there and it kinda put me in despair
So I thought that maybe I could lose my mind
In the countryside so I went for a ride

But I never stopped thinking about you
Found myself wishing you were there
Just to be with me, feel the breeze
Sun didn't smile I didn't care

I decided to try just one more time
To let you know I still love you so
Before I arrived I saw you go away
With another guy, a tear filled my eye

(repeat chorus)

A long time has past since that day I cried
Life is fine and I'm doin' fine
When I'm at home and I feel all alone
Well I think of you, try to get a message through

(repeat chorus)
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Elvis Presley

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