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Elvis SongPedia: Blue River

Blue River

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Basic Stats

(Just the facts, ma'am!)

Written by: Paul Evans, Fred Tobias

Recorded: May 27, 1963, RCA Studio B, Nashville
Released master is take 2, with spliced repeat of ending part.

Single:w/ "Tell Me Why", 47-8740, December 3, 1965
Also re-released as Gold Standard Series, 447-0655, February 1968

Highest U.S. Charts Positions:
#95 on Billboard Hot 100
#96 on Cash Box chart

1st LP release: Double Trouble - June 1967
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My Spin

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An upbeat but very ordinary song to begin with, Elvis can't elevate "Blue River" beyond mediocrity and, despite a nice guitar solo, it never really gels. In particular, the fast tempo seems unnatural and the vocals don't flow smoothly with the pace. This recording comes from a 1963 session of songs that were intended for "the lost album", a follow-up to Pot Luck, but ended up instead scattered on subsequent albums. "Blue River" was picked as a B-side to "Tell Me Why" in '65 before eventually turning up as a "bonus song" on the Double Trouble soundtrack.

Other Spins

(What did the critics and fans say?)

"Blue River" is very catchy, and contains a frantic guitar lick. It is not particularly memorable, but is superior to the previous film material.

Robert Matthew-Walker, Elvis Presley: A Study in Music, 1979

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"Blue River" Lyrics and Downloads

Blue river, it can't be found on any map that I know
But it's the place where lonely lovers all go
To cry their tears
Blue river, it winds along a path of heartache and pain
Of broken dreams from lovin' someone in vain
The way that I loved you, and baby I still do

I held you so tight
You were out of my sight
I'm feelin' so low
But I gotta go

Blue river, because you never really cared about me
From now on baby that's where I'm gonna be
Cryin' over you, by the river of blue

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