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Elvis SongPedia: My Little Friend

My Little Friend

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Basic Stats

(Just the facts, ma'am!)

Written by: Shirl Milete

Recorded: January 16, 1969, American Studios, Memphis
Released master take number is unknown.

Single:w/ "Kentucky Rain", 47-9791, January 29, 1970.
Also released as Gold Standard series, 447-0675, August 1971.

Highest U.S. Charts Positions:
Didn't chart

1st LP release: Almost In Love - October 1, 1970
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My Spin

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Known mainly as the B-side to "Kentucky Rain" and a track on the budget Almost In Love album, "My Little Friend" is a bit of an oddity for Elvis. A reminiscence of the singer's coming-of-age and the girl that changed him, the song is deliberately nostalgic in feeling, or maybe it just seems so to those of us who discovered it in our teenage years(!) Elvis delivers it pretty straight, not adding a lot of emotion, which works out fine, since the lyrics and melody either get to you or they don't, no need to push it.

Other Spins

(What did the critics and fans say?)

"My Little Friend" is a weak song and, although the arrangement is good, Presley's voice sounds a little querulous. Unfortunately the over-dubbing of strings is not good, for the playing is poor and out of tune.

Robert Matthew-Walker, Elvis Presley: A Study in Music, 1979

The country-soul flavoured 'My Little Friend' is an overlooked gem from the prolific 1969 Memphis sessions which produced the albums 'From Elvis In Memphis' and 'Back In Memphis' as well as classic singles such as 'Suspicious Minds' and 'Kentucky Rain'. It appeared on the b-side of the latter, with which it shares a pained vocal style and an incisive arrangement. The piano player and backing singers are content to take a backseat for the most part, giving maximum impact to their strategically-placed contributions. Elvis's tone of voice is perfectly complemented by the string and horn sections which lurk unnervingly in the left channel, waiting for gaps in the vocal which they fill with bursts of spiky melodicism. It's a genuinely inspired piece of work which proves that the King didn't surround himself with mere hacks. And what an amazing opening line: 'My warped and worried mind resorts to wandering off to ponder things I never talk about.'

-- Julian Cope's review of the album, Almost In Love

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"My Little Friend" Lyrics

My warped and worried mind resorts
To wandering off to ponder things I never talk about
A pretty girl I used to know but wouldn't know if we met face to face
And defying every logic known
I wish the time machine could take me back again
To the wonder of my first love, the old folks tease me 'bout
Referring to her only as my little friend

Somewhere far away and maybe not so far away
The child has grown into a woman of the world
I assume this knowing that she knew so much of life at such a tender age
I learned from her the whispered things the big boys at the pool hall talk about
The thrill and disappointment, fear and shame that first love brings
But oh, how I thought I loved my little friend

The fragrance of the green grass mingled with the scent of love and warming earth
The moonlight night I kissed and cried and swore I'd never touch another girl
But time moved fast and I moved on and I loved others time and time again
But with each time I thought of her and always gave a little more
A symbol of remembrance for my little friend
Oh-oh-oh a symbol of remembrance for my little friend
Oh-oh-oh a symbol of remembrance for my little friend
Oh-oh-oh a symbol of remembrance for my little friend

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